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From Drab to Fab: 5 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

22 Feb’24

Composed By: Sonakshi

A house is nothing without a lavish interior design; the design of your house is often defined by your individuality and is often considered a reflection of you and HomeSharp recognized this.

From opulent luxury flats in Mumbai to delightful homes for sale, the demand for aesthetically pleasing interiors is always soaring. If you’re planning to revamp the interior design of your home, we have curated a list of five interior design trends that will help you glam up your dream home. 

Discover the Essential 5 Interior Design Trends Transforming Spaces

Embark with us on a style journey as we unveil the 5 interior design trends that will shape your home with elegance

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Biggest Real Estate Company - Homesharp

In a city full of culture,people, and history; bringing in the crafty skills of local folks into your home design adds a human touch of class and luxury. Artisans in Mumbai skillfully create handmade furniture and textiles, weaving a narrative deeply connected to the city's rich history. Embracing this distinctive style adds a vintage charm to your home, complemented by a hint of modern flair. By integrating these crafted pieces into your personal haven, you not only celebrate local talent but also infuse your living space with a one-of-a-kind allure.. This vibe is spot-on for those looking for a house in Mumbai. They want their place to have a custom, culture-rich feel, turning it into more than just a house but a reflection of their own unique story.

Hellenistic Revival

Biggest Real Estate Company - Homesharp

2024 can easily be defined as the year that brought back the Hellenistic trend, where classical style beautifully mixes with contemporary elegance.This trends draws inspiration from the ancient Greek aesthetics, and brings a touch of luxury to your home with neoclassical wallpapers, marbled floors, and a regal color palette. If you utilize this trend then your house will be a space that reflects the magnificence of a timeless masterpiece.

To fully embrace the Hellenistic Revival, focus on architectural detail and integrate Corinthian columns, intricate trimmings, and classical sculptures. Enrich your decor with deep blues, emerald tones, and delicate gold accents for an opulent touch.


Biggest Real Estate Company - Homesharp

Maximalism in interior design brings along a unique allure. Defying minimalistic norms, maximalism encourages a lavish mix of patterns, textures, and colors to create visually stunning spaces. In the dynamic world of Mumbai's real estate, this avant-garde approach captivates homeowners seeking a distinctive touch. A real estate company in Mumbai attuned to maximalist preferences can curate homes that go beyond the ordinary and transform spaces into vibrant expressions of personality. Maximalism transcends conventional design boundaries, offering a unique and luxurious aesthetic that resonates with the city's cosmopolitan spirit.

Cottage Core

Biggest Real Estate Company - Homesharp

Cottage core homes are adorned with quaint aesthetics and exude comfort through floral patterns, vintage decor, and rustic elements. Often tucked away in scenic landscapes, Cottagecore residences provide a peaceful atmosphere. This aesthetic involves houses being surrounded by flourishing gardens and picturesque landscapes. Whether topped with thatched roofs or embraced by climbing vines, Cottagecore houses serve as a personal homage to a bygone era, inviting people to relish a simpler and more connected life in harmony with the timeless beauty of the natural world.

Shroom Core Folklore

Biggest Real Estate Company - Homesharp

Dive into the enchanting world of Shroom Core Folklore, a whimsical trend infusing fantasy into interior decor. Drawing inspiration from mythical creatures, gnomes, and fairy tales, this maximalist trend champions self-expression. Bring this magical essence to life by integrating playful mushroom decor, fantasy-inspired artwork, enchanting gnomes, and intricate fairy tale motifs. Embrace the unconventional as Shroom Core Folklore transforms your home into a canvas of wonder and imagination. Embrace this trend to liberate yourself, creating a delightful and expressive atmosphere that transports each corner of your space into a captivating realm, reminiscent of a fantastical forest.


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