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At HomeSharp, our vision is to become the most highly regarded luxury home buying platform and advisory in India, dedicated to unparalleled service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Embracing technology at our core, we are committed to bringing all stakeholders together on a unified platform, fostering authenticity at the heart of every interaction. Driven daily by a superior mission—to serve diligently and excel in our field—we strive to innovate and integrate, ensuring a seamless, authentic experience for buyers, developers, and all partners involved.

Yazad Irani

Founder & CEO - HomeSharp

Yazad Irani serves as the Founder and CEO of Homesharp and as a Director at FKR Innovations Private Limited, contributing to the evolution of Indian real estate. Guided by a commitment to transformation, FKR Innovations thoughtfully navigates the intersection of technology and real estate, offering tailored solutions for homebuyers and developers, as well as the finance sector. Their approach reflects a deep respect for the industry’s potential and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Before founding HomeSharp, Yazad honed his skills in finance, capital markets, and luxury residential projects at Keystone Realtors Limited, a premier real estate developer in India. He played a key role in Rustomjee's Initial Public Offering (IPO), raising ₹635 crore ($77 million) and secured Pre-IPO funding of 170 crore ($21 million), demonstrating his expertise in capital market transactions and real estate investment.

Driven by his passion for luxury real estate, Yazad directed the development of the ultra-luxury residential project, La Fontaine. His approach, rooted in systematic project management and strategic brand marketing, ensured that every aspect of La Fontaine exemplified luxury and exclusivity. A key part of his vision was to tailor the project's offerings to meet the specific needs and aspirations of prospective homeowners.

Additionally, working as the Executive Assistant to the Chairman and Managing Director of Rustomjee, Yazad gained invaluable insights into managing a successful real estate business, laying the groundwork for his future leadership roles in the industry.

Yazad's proficiency in development and technology stems from his Bachelor of Science in Informatics from Indiana University Bloomington, focusing on how information technology can be harnessed to solve complex challenges within organizational and societal contexts, as well as across industries. 

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Your Dream Home,

Builds a Child’s Future

Your home buying journey doesn't just fulfil your dreams, it also

creates brighter futures for children in need.

HomeSharp, in collaboration with the charitable organization

Suneeta Shiksha Suman Trust, ensures that when you purchase a home, you provide a precious opportunity for a child to receive an education.