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The best Neighbourhoods that will benefit from the Coastal Road

2 Jun’24

Composed By: Mansi Rajput

The best Neighbourhoods that will benefit from the Coastal Road

When we talk about Mumbai as a concrete jungle, one project that comes to mind in recent times is the Mumbai Coastal Road Project (MCRP), wherein the objective is to address the increasing traffic snarls and connectivity problems of Mumbai, by providing freer movement of traffic. Mumbai is the commercial and financial capital of the country and has been a magnet for millions, resulting in crowded human settlements and choked transportation systems. and this is exactly where MCRP comes in as a messiah for numerous Mumbaikars. Today, HomeSharp will shed the impact of this coastal road on the landscape of Mumbai real estate.

Phase 1:

Phase 1 spans 10.58 km, from the southern point that aims between Marine Drive and Bandra-Worli Sea Link. Truly, this is an engineering marvel because it reclaims land from the sea for a new 8-lane expressway that would further connect South Bombay with Bandra and improve their connectivity. This structure incorporates the latest state-of-the-art solutions, and the topographic barriers lead to a more uninterrupted flow of traffic. The foundation stone had been laid down by the month of December 2018 and this project was said to reflect the determination of the city to confront the challenges resulting from traffic. The first phase is expected to be completed and inaugurated by January 2024. These are the baby steps toward an efficient and modern transport infrastructure.

Phase 2: 

This is considered to be the most crucial stage of the 19 km-long part, stretching the coast road northwards from Bandra to Kandivali. At the heart of this extension is the 9.6 km Bandra-Versova Sea Link (VBSL). The phase promises to cut down travel time drastically between these places, thereby opening up the region for development and progress. Notably, the project has plans to introduce vast greenery in the surroundings, which would be an exceptional feat in the dense settings of Mumbai.

Prominent localities around the MCRP:


Mahalaxmi, distinguished for its plush living standards and tagged as a symbol of opulence, stands out not just for its proximity to the sea but also for the iconic Mahalaxmi Race Course.  This area benefits from the close presence of the sea and offers residents easy access to major employment hubs and close proximity to areas like the Lower Paral.

Marine Drive:

The "Queen's Necklace" at Marine Drive offers a great esplanade lining the sea face. This neighborhood is one of the costliest and elite areas flanked by close proximity to the opulent lifestyle and rich history of Mumbai, anchored by its iconic places such as TheTaj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India and many more.


Situated within the confluence of the major business districts and situated between them, this is an expensive residential area with several entertainment hubs, luxury hotels, and attraction sites. The coastal road Project was opened up in Phase 1, cutting the travel time from Worli to Marine Drive to as little as 10 minutes.

Benefits of Residing Near the MCRP:

Here are some benefits that come with the purchase of a home neighboring the Mumbai Coastal Road Project (MCRP), which, in its entirety, would make real estate a worthwhile purchase. These are the major benefits that homeowners would be drawn to from being neighbors of this major infrastructure development.

Enhanced Urban Mobility

The MCRP will change the multiples of connectivity across Mumbai, bridging the two polarities of the city: the south and the north. Living by the coastal road directly means that there will be access to major transport arteries, and this will make it easier for people to get around and commute.

Eased Traffic Flow

Traffic jam control will be one of the many cornerstones that MCRP aims to mitigate. The proposed 8-lane expressway is supposed to take away the common snarls, thus helping citizens move more easily and take less time to cross the city. Together, improved connectivity and reduction of traffic congestion are expected to bring down travel time for the residents to significantly low levels. 

Proximity to Green Enclaves 

The ace feature of the MCRP will be that it will create very large and extensive green spaces within the urban expanse of Mumbai, which is approximately 70 hectares. From here, residents would lead wholesome lives, availing themselves of their very own sanctuaries from the urban hustle and bustle with abundant outdoor activities they may engage in.

Visual and Architectural Beauty

The project is designed to feature elements such as elevated roadways, bridges, and tunnels, all adding up to a full enhancement of the visual landscape that will bring to the inhabitants a modern and distinct urban milieu.

Opportunities for Development and Recreation

Focused on connectivity and green spaces, the project will push for more development and investment, which in turn will provide a spectrum of services and recreations for the locals to enjoy. It all translates into the fact that the development heralds an active community life with a multitude of opportunities for leisure and entertainment. 

Elevated Living Standards 

In simple words, in the proximity of MCRP, one comes to an improved quality of living in general and combines less stress due to transport, better access to the city, green environs, and attractive infrastructure that is put together in cohesion to improve the quality of life. 


As this project stands to be completed, along with the further development of the surrounding region, this project will indeed elevate the overall ambience of numerous neighborhoods in Mumbai. When we talk about real estate Mumbai, India- HomeSharp recognizes the impact of these advancements in the current landscape of luxury real estate and have access to authentic listings like the Newly Launched Ajmera Prive in Juhu and The Kalpataru Oceana in Bandra West all across Mumbai and the MCRP thus ensuring that your vision for your luxury dream aligns with the numerous benefits that you will enjoy once the project is complete.